Governance of Public Organisations in the 21st century economy
June 9th, 2017, Rouen, France
Pôle des sciences du tertiaire, Amphi 600, 3, avenue Pasteur in Rouen


This international conference is promoted by Eramus+ Jean Monnet EUsers Network (co-funded  by European Union) and is co-organised by CIRIEC International, CIRIEC France, University of Rouen, Normandie Université and CREAM.

Presentation of the Conference

All over the world, public authorities, both local and national, are now at the head of very important economic heritages. They contribute to public goods production, to the provision of public utilities and to the satisfaction of basic needs to ensure the well being of the population. While privatisations throughout the world, during the last three decades, have reduced the size of the public sector, the movement has been interrupted and even reversed since the 2008 crisis: notably, by nationalisations which have sought to rescue companies in difficulty and to preserve the production equipment against the risk of cessation of activity, or by “remunicipalisations” aimed at giving decision-makers better control over the provision of public utilities. For public authorities, it is a matter of having tools enabling them to carry out public action, to conduct strategic policies serving the territories. In this context, considering also the depletion of public resources and the introduction of new public management standards, the good governance issue of public organisations is of great importance to serve at best the general interest.

Since 2012, CIRIEC has conducted several research programs under the aegis of its International Scientific Commission “Public Enterprises – Public Services” and, in France, by its Scientific Commission “Public Economy”. At the international level, its research activities have been carried out, since 2014, in connection with the Jean Monnet EUsers Network (Services of general interest in the EU: a citizen perspective on the public-private alternative), bringing together six universities and financed by the European Union.

The present International Conference aims at presenting the research results and at carrying out a shared reflection on new forms of governance in the service of the general interest. It brings together public decision-makers, business leaders and academics to discuss issues essential to the good governance of public action.

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EUsers programm on the scientific seminar June 8th, 2017 here .

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Conference details

Date 9 June 2017
Programme Download
Venue Université de Rouen
3, avenue Pasteur
Rouen, 76000 France

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